Keep Christmas dollars flowing through Mancos

In some communities, the Christmas-shopping season looks like an exo≠dus.

It will probably always be that way. Itís human nature to want to shop in the next bigger town up the road. Shoppers from Montezuma County go to Durango and Farmington. Farmington residents probably go to Albuquerque, and Albuquerque shoppers lean toward Texas. And now, the Internet has made geography irrelevant.

But shoppers who bolt from their hometowns the first opportunity they get are missing out on unique local gifts. Theyíre also missing out on the benefits that accrue to everyone when local shoppers support local mer≠chants and keep money circulating locally.

This year, we hope shoppers will think in concentric circles.

First, buy products made in Mancos. Thatís as local as you can get. Give everyone a piece of the Mancos Valley. Youíll be appreciated.

Next, buy everything you can locally. We think youíll be surprised at how much is available.

Then, try to spend all you can in Montezuma County, where tax dollars still benefit Mancos. Products grown or made in Southwest Colorado are a way to bring prosperity to this corner of the region.

Fourth, try at least to stay in Colorado. New Mexico isnít providing any services to residents of the Mancos Valley.

Fifth, buy American. It makes a difference. Sending more money to China so that country in turn has more to loan back to the United States is an extremely inefficient way of supporting oneís own country.

And finally, circle back around and give to local charities that are here year-round to help Mancos residents when they need it most. Support local civic organizations and volunteer groups. Invest in your community.

Events like those that are happening this weekend, when some of the downtown merchants are open late, give everyone a chance to do some shopping.

Spread the Christmas joy.