Is Re-4A spending taxpayers’ money wisely?


The Dolores School District sure has a funny way of saying thanks. Once again, they are showing signs of making another poor decision. Only weeks after the community voted to give the district more than $7 million dollars for capital improvements, they feel the need to spend more money on property.

Only a year ago before the bond issue was raised, we needed a new building for the district office. We were sold the same story: “It is such a bargain.” Somehow they found $100,000 to spend on property. Now after asking voters to support a third school mill levy increase, they find $40,000, in cash, lying around for another deal that is “too good to pass up.”

Has this board ever said no to spending money on property? How much property is necessary to educate 800 students? With the school district spread over five properties, do we need to hire more janitors and maintenance people? Do the taxpayers need another water tap, sewer service, trash receptacle, electric and gas payment? What a good deal!

Now we have a new district office and soon a much-improved school facility. With all this time and money being spent on buildings, it seems you have taken your eye off the ball and our program of education has slipped. We have lost our “accredited with distinction” title.

Please consider this next time you, as a board, try to make a decision. Are we spending the taxpayers’ money wisely? How will this directly affect the education of our students?

Keith Moore