Obama thinks he’s president of Egypt


Iím watching Barack Obama on TV and heís still out there in campaign mode, or is it really community organizer mode? Stir up the people and get things no one can afford. This is what our president did for a living before jumping into politics. In fact, in Chicago he helped 186 people get mortgages they didnít qualify for nor was there even a belief they could pay for them. Only 19 still have those homes. That makes Obama a part of the problem, so why on earth would you listen to him on anything?

The reason heís out there with the people instead of negotiating with Congress is he hasnít a clue what the economy is about and certainly doesnít understand spending requires restraint. In other words, you elected an uneducated community organizer.

His idea of not going over the fiscal cliff is $1.6 trillion in new taxes and $50 billion in new stimulus. Translation of the last one is his donors need their payback for helping get him back in office. More of the ideas are $400 billion taken from Medicare ó didnít they just steal 716 billion from that fund ó and the last one is he wants unlimited power to borrow money and raise the debt ceiling at his whim without interference.

Congratulations, people who voted for him. He thinks heís president of Egypt.

Catherine Spencer


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