Land purchase a smart move

Purchasing the old maintenance lot across the street from the Dolores High School campus is a smart move. Real estate right now is a good buy and unless the economy gets worse, and we are all hoping that will not and can not happen, the price of the lot will not get lower.

The price discussed recently at the Dolores School District Board of Education meeting was the appraised $40,000 for the 10,000-square-foot lot, which also has storage buildings for maintenance equipment on the property. When the Town of Dolores first moved its maintenance facility to the newly constructed shop on the other end of town a few years ago, the town was discussing a $100,000 price tag.

In real estate, timing really is everything.

And what better timing than when the price is low and the school is about to embark on a large construction project following the passage of Measure 3C. The construction of new science and vocational classrooms, along with other campus improvements is expected to take two years and during those two years, the new lot could be used as a construction home base of sorts.

Equipment needs to be stored during construction, away from small little hands and the lot that used to house the maintenance facility for the Town of Dolores is already fenced to keep others out.

And when the construction phase is over, the maintenance operations for the school can then move onto the lot and away from the campus. It is currently between the science building and the football field.

This will open up the campus a bit.

The school is surrounded by houses, so it doesn’t have many places to go and the school is only getting larger over the years. So the school board should act on this opportunity.

In addition, our tax dollars go to another government agency, the Town of Dolores.