Join in holding legislators' feet to the fire


Our newly formed non-partisan group, Montezuma Voters for Good Government, wants to hold our legislators' feet to the fire. Please join us this Sunday for brunch. RSVP at 533-7383.

It is well known that our legislators lead from behind. They legislate after the citizens have already moved forward. They catch up after dragging their heels crying, "The sky is falling!"

We are not inclined to say, "We voted on the 6th of November. Now you, the newly elected government, do what you want for the next two to four years."

No! We want change and we are willing to let our legislators know what issues they need to act on now! We also want to let them know how we want them to vote on particular issues!

On Nov. 18, we met over a Sunday brunch and established that we would "pick battles small enough to win, but big enough to matter."

Our first battle: reform the filibuster.

The misuse of the filibuster has kept the Senate from even voting on important bills and nominations.

Why is this issue our first battle? Because we want to get things done in the next two years. The only time that changes can be made to the Senate Rules is on the first day of the next 2-year session. That could be as early as Jan. 3, 2013, or thereabouts.

Join our non-partisan group this Sunday for brunch. RSVP 533-7383.

Laird Carlson


Via email