Maybe we should all quit throwing stones


This is in response to the letter written by Larry Berger, published Dec. 1, 2012.

Do you really think that the conservatives are the only ones out there that lie to promote their agenda? Are you so na´ve that you think all liberals tell only the truth? Are you not intelligent enough to know that the conservative shows and columns you mentioned are there for entertainment? The liberal talk shows are entertainment also, sir.

As Ayn Rand once said "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." And yes, I got this quote from listening to Glen Beck. Try becoming educated and having an open mind. And I am not claiming to be a college graduate because I am not, but I try to read and learn and see what both sides are trying to say to the public. There is good and there is bad on both sides of the fence.

Maybe we should all quit throwing stones and work together to solve our country's problems. Don't we teach this to our children from the time they are two years old? Yet as adults we can't seem to get it! Larry Berger is as much of the problem as the conservatives he is bashing!

Sandy Lard


Via email