Court News

DWAI Convictions

The following are convictions for driving while ability impaired with a blood ­alcohol content between 0.05 percent and 0.08 percent or by prescription or illegal drugs. All convicts were ordered to obtain and follow one or more of the classes or programs such as drug/alcohol evaluations, Victim Impact Panel, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving, Level II education and therapy, Alive at 25, inpatient and/ or outpatient treatment or therapy, and must submit to random tests for drugs and alcohol use. Suspended imposition of additional jail sentence (in parentheses) is conditional upon completing probation successfully and are awarded if all other requirements of the sentence are completed within one year. Dollar amounts are fines and court costs defendants were ordered to pay.; additional listed conditions also apply.


. Channing K. Leber, 22, of Cortez. DWAI. (Thirty days in jail suspended imposition), 12 months supervised probation, $784.50, community service 24 hours.

. Krista M. Vasquez, 20, of Mancos. DWAI. (Thirty days in jail suspended imposition), 12 months supervised probation, $823.25, community service 24 hours.

Motor Vehicle


. Mareesha L. Singer, 19, of Shiprock, N.M. Driving Without a Valid Driver's License. Ten months probation *deferred sentence, $46.50, community service 15 hours. Defendant must obtain a driver's license within the next 12 months and provide proof to the court.

. Gerard E. Tavra, 37, of Cortez. Leaving the Scene of an Accident/Unattended Vehicle. Twelve months probation *deferred sentence, $94.50. Restitution is open for 90 days.



. Frank H. McClure II, 37, of Cortez. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. $131.



. Joey Hawkins, 33, of Bloomfield, N.M. Disorderly Conduct-Fighting in Public. One day in jail, $184.50. Restitution is open for 90 days.

* A deferred judgment is not a conviction; it is a sentence typically put off (deferred) for a specific period of time, typically a year. If the defendant complies with each of the conditions of the deferred sentence within the allotted time period, the defendant's record is cleared of this charge.