Redirect that energy to do something good


This letter is for Catherine Spencer. I don't believe that we have met face to face but I believe I know your heart from years' worth of letters to the editor that you have sent in. When I start to read a letter and the first feelings I get are anger and hatred, I look to the signature line and sure enough - it's from you. Most of the time I ignore your letters; other times I read them and think, " Wow. How can one woman be so mad all of the time?" Surely you must have high blood pressure. Are you so lonely, unloved or maybe just disgusted with your own life that you take it out on everyone else in a free "letter to the editor"? Bless your heart. I can't imagine such a life.

We all live a life of free will, Catherine. If you are that unhappy with everything around you in your community and your country then maybe you should leave and go somewhere else where everyone else agrees with you. Really - is there such a place? Or maybe head to Washington to press your points. Ranting and raving at your friends and neighbors in Cortez isn't going to solve anything. Of course, you probably just like the attention you stir up.

Having no idea of your religious background (if indeed you have one) I won't wish you a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah. I do however, wish you peace. Maybe instead of expending all that hatred and anger in your life, you could re-direct that energy to do something good in this world. You would probably breathe easier for it. And I think you might even find some happiness along the way.

Debie Schmitt


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