Sheriff's Blotter


. A deputy joined a police scene where a theft had been reported overnight at a business. The employees spoke with authorities and reported that there had been a theft of 5 or 6 water heaters and 1 or 2 boilers. The stolen items had been on the property of the business, with an approximate value of $400. The business had acquired security cameras due to a rash of thefts that had occurred over the past few weeks, and provided to authorities still photographs of the man and woman involved in the most recent incident. A vehicle was shown entering the property, first at 8:30 p.m., and a second time at 10 p.m., and someone recognized the male in the photographs and was able to name him. The photos were also shown to other law enforcement members who recognized the man pictured and were able to name him, as well as being able to identify the woman in the photos as the man's wife. An investigation also revealed that the couple in question drove a vehicle consistent with the one used in the thefts. Deputies obtained a warrant and contacted the male suspect at his place of employment. He was urged to cooperate, because authorities knew what he and his wife had done the night before. On his own, he stated "The water heaters?" and then stated that he was going to take them back and return them. He stated that he had them in the back of his pickup truck covered up by a tarp, and asked if he returned them would everything be OK. The suspect was permitted to drive his truck with the stolen items in it back to the location he took them from. A deputy spoke with the suspect's wife, who admitted that she and her husband had put the kids in their vehicle last night and went out "scrapping" (to collect items to salvage for money). She stated that she thought that the items they took from the business were trash and did not know they were stealing. The male suspect admitted to the previous events recounted, also claiming that he thought the items were trash, then eventually admitted to knowing what he was doing was wrong, and that he needed gas money. The suspect admitted to also stolen items from the same business about a month prior, and that the previous Monday, he had climbed a fence at an auto dealership and took four radiators, which he took to Belt Salvage, and that he had also taken some metal from behind another business. Investigation continues on the incidents.


. A deputy heading north on North Broadway observed an SUV cross over the center line, cross back into its lane, and then move over two lanes without using a turn signal. The SUV was contacted and pulled over into a business's parking lot. The female driver was told why she was pulled over and the deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath. She admitted to having two beers about an hour earlier at her family's motel room. The woman was unsteady on her feet and failed to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers satisfactorily compared to a sober person. She was taken into custody and arrested for further investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol. She was placed into the back of the patrol car, and during transport, the female kept stating, "I love you guys. You keep us safe. I know you are doing your job and I messed up." She was transported to the jail to perform a breath test, and was issued summons for numerous charges, including DUI. She was asked if she had any questions, and said no, but did tell the arresting deputy and the booking deputies that she loved them and thanked them again for keeping the streets safe. She was completely cooperative during the arrest and chemical testing process. She was turned over to jail staff for booking without incident.


. A deputy traveling north on Hwy. 145 observed a car traveling the same direction that appeared to be traveling in excess of the posted 65 mph speed limit. It was clocked at 71 mph, and also appeared to be one that had been called in on a REDDI report (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) five minutes earlier when a witness at a gas station had called in and stated that the car had pulled up to the front doors of the station so close that witnesses thought it was going to drive into the store. A guy had then entered the store and wanted to use the phone, and it was believed that he was under the influence of a controlled substance. Dispatch advised that the license plate came back as registered in Dolores. It was observed as it passed another vehicle from the shoulder on the right side, and when the deputy caught up with the car in an attempt to pull it over, dispatch advised that the driver was on the phone with a dispatcher. Dispatch also advised that the driver was requesting FBI, Homeland Security, and Immigration because a dirty cop was following them, and that he refused to pull over. The driver said he was going to his uncle's house and the deputy continued to follow him 3.3 miles after the activation of his emergency lights before he finally came to a stop. He was told to hang up his cell phone and stay in the vehicle, but placed his feet on the ground outside the car. He was asked if he had any weapons, and admitted to having a knife and a gun under the driver's seat. He was detained for officer safety, and was very unsteady on his feet; his eyes had extremely dilated pupils and he was shaking uncontrollably. When asked if he had taken any medications or drugs, he stated that "They spiked my Mountain Dew with something" and that he had "smoked some weed." He also stated that he had had a little bit of methamphetamine the same day. The subject then stated that "they were trying to set him up" and that the FBI, Immigration and Homeland Security had him and his items chipped and were tracking him. He said that he was in fear of his life and knew that the deputy was going to kill him. He was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle and the weapons under the front seat of his car were secured. The subject was yelling to onlookers during the incident, and managed to slip his handcuffs from behind his back multiple times. The man stated that he hadn't been able to sleep for two days, and also made statements that caused authorities to believe he had been involved in other serious crimes. The suspect also had a previous felony conviction out of Florida. He was charged with numerous crimes in relation to this new incident. He was extremely agitated and convinced that Homeland Security was out to get him and kill him.


. A deputy patrolling on Hwy. 160 observed a vehicle traveling south that failed to dim his high beams, and turned westbound on Road G. The deputy initiated a stop, and found the male driver to smell of alcohol and exhibiting other symptoms of alcohol use. The driver admitted to having one or two alcoholic beverages, but would not state what kind of alcohol he had consumed. He also admitted to consuming the drinks at the bar where he worked. The male was swaying from side to side and having trouble maintaining his balance when he was asked to exit his vehicle. He was unable to complete voluntary roadside maneuvers as a sober person would. He was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. He first wanted to refuse consent for further testing, saying he needed to call someone and ask questions, but then agreed to do a breath test, which resulted in a reading of .208. He was issued summons for DUI, DWAI, and failure to dim his headlights while approaching oncoming traffic. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


. A deputy responded to a rural address for a reported theft. The owner of a ranch reported that his ATV four wheeler that was stored in a garage on his property was stolen. When he came to check on his cattle, he discovered someone had broken into his locked garage. Once inside the garage, the suspect had forced the garage door open, and the ATV had been driven away from the scene. The keys to the ATV had been left in the ignition. The deputy was able to collect evidence left at the scene. The house had also had an attempted break in, but there had been no entry. Additional evidence was found there and collected. Investigation continues on this theft incident.