Thank you, Forest Service employees


This is an open letter to our Forest Service employees. I want to thank you for all your hard work in managing our public lands for all Americans, not just the people of Montezuma County.

Thank you for using science in your decision making process; not emotions, personal opinions or being swayed by intimation from loud and unruly crowds. Reading the story on how you were treated by the fanatics in your meeting, trying to explain the decisions that were made on Boggy Draw, made my blood boil. How dare anyone ask you if you believe in God? It's nobody's business! What happened to freedom of religion or from religion? Didn't we fight wars over that? The downward spiral to fascism and communism, get real!

I know you did not spend the years going to school learning forest management to get rich, but because of your love for the land you protect. No-one should have to put up with the verbal abuse you did from these so-called Americans. I know how hard your job is getting grief from both sides; those who want roads everywhere and those who want limited road access. To find middle ground is not easy. The verbal abuse you endured is just what I wrote about in my last letter about conservatives and the venomous poison that comes out of their mouths. They call themselves good Christians and Americans, you could have fooled me!

I appreciate Sheriff Spruell trying to keep down an uncivil crowd, but he did not have to add his two cents. His job is to protect and serve. He should keep his personal opinion for when he doesn't have his badge on, as he represents all the people of Montezuma County, not just the right wing.

Once again thank you for all your hard work. Many of us appreciate it.

Larry Berger


Via email