Rico will enjoy a white Christmas

The days are passing by so quickly that I am afraid that if I don't get myself organized pretty quickly, I'll not be ready for the loveliest of seasons - Christmas.

At this time, we know that we are going to enjoy a white Christmas - the last couple of days brought an inch or so and Rico is white. We are expecting a good storm this weekend.

The preschoolers and elementary students presented their annual Christmas play. This year, they performed Frosty the Snowman and it was perfect. Of course, Lydia Hagan portrayed Frosty as a happy, fun snowman, and the policeman and all of the animals were delightful in their costumes with their funny, laughable floppy ears! We thank directors Barbara Betts and Laurie Adams and, of course, teachers Miss Eileen and Miss Nancy for their darling costumes. Rico loves those little children and would not miss a performance, ever.

Rico Women's Club members were happy with the turnout for their annual Noel Night, with busy shoppers all weekend. Thank you to our citizens for supporting the Club and to the artists who prepare each year for this event.

I just now took the time to read what I have written in the Rico Report today and discovered that our life in this little town is happy with the simple things in life; one cannot take that realization lightly. Simplicity equals happiness!

Now to report on our neighbor Benn Vernadakis and his club, "Fines Double" who competed in the Baja 1000 competition in Mexico recently. This year they thought that they had won the race with a time of 24 hours and some minutes, but when they crossed the finish line, the victor was already celebrating. The problem with this situation is that the so-called victor never passed them on the course. Strange as it seems, some Texas club claimed the honor. I wonder if that will ever be solved.

The 30 or 40 foot pine tree standing in front of the school is lit and stands proudly because of its purpose. Rico Women's Club asked San Miguel to hang the lights last year from top to bottom which they did, and donated their time to do so. This year, the school just plugged the lights in, and there and then it became a beautiful thing to behold!

Christmas Services at the Rico Community Church will begin on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4:30 p.m. with a pajama party, and the age-old poem, "The Night Before Christmas" will be read to the children. Be sure to wear your warm jammies! This is an annual affair and enjoyed by all. The Christmas Candlelight Service will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 24. Come and join your friends.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women's Club and Rico Historical Society.