A better way to make one's point


A while back (one year? two?) the Journal printed only positive, upbeat letters to the editor for a short period of time. It was wonderful to read about ideas and feelings written in a manner that did not try to draw blood. Please do that again! How about the entire month of January? Maybe all of 2013? There are ways of submitting one's ideas that are not couched in negative or hateful terms. Here's a template:

I believe (whatever),

because (whatever).

If readers agree with me, please contact (appropriate legislator, minister, pop-culture idol).

Don't forget to thank the Journal for printing the letter.

So, thank you, Journal for printing my letter.

Pat Rauscher


Via email

Editor's note: The Journal publishes only positive letters during the week between Christmas and Jan. 1. This year, that "week" will include four issues: Dec. 25, 27 and 29, and Jan. 1. Such letters are welcome all year long.