Travel plan squabbles in the sandbox


What a shame it is that some folks don't feel that rules apply to them. The attitude displayed against the Forest Service's Boggy-Glade travel plan, which has been years in the making and received volumes of input from local citizens, reminds me of toddlers squabbling in a sandbox. You know, it's all "I won't! You can't make me!" It makes the sandbox very unpleasant for others, including the critters whose home is being used as the playground.

The Forest Service is to be commended for taking comments from a very diverse spectrum of people and coming up with a compromise plan that allows for ample access while protecting some areas needed as refuge for wildlife. I certainly hope, however, that after a year of "educating" forest users about the plan, they will begin issuing citations for infractions, and then imposing meaningful penalties. That may be the only thing that will register with the playground bullies.

Veronica Egan