Don't crowd out the wildness


Having been a pedestrian for many years in the Boggy Draw/Glade area, I can see no reason for more motorized vehicle access, since there's access for vehicles (2-wheel drive, as well as 4-wheel) just about anywhere you might want to be. In fact, if you look at the map provided by the Forest Service, with the new plan, there's almost nowhere not covered by a gravel road. As a hiker or biker, it's almost impossible to get away from traffic up there, except on the few miles designated non-motorized.

But it's not just humans who have to share that place. The wildlife and their food sources should be of primary importance on our public lands. Yes, they belong to all of us, and many of us want the peace and quiet afforded by no traffic and noise and pollution. Our public lands encompass wildlands which are nothing without their wildlife. Do hunters and campers really want more vehicles and people up there? Is the most important thing to crowd out the remaining wildness? Not for me. I hope other like-minded people will speak up for the Forest Service plan.

Betty Ann Kolner