Give the gift of reading

The Cortez Rotary, in collaboration with the Dollywood Foundation, is working to provide all children in Montezuma County, from birth to age five, with the gift of reading. Children registered in the program receive a beautiful new book each month from "The Imagination Library." Titles are age appropriate and include such classics as "The Little Engine That Could," and new classics including "Llama Llama Red Pajama," "Roar of a Snore," and many other great books. The only requirements for eligibility are that the child be 0-5 years of age, reside in Montezuma County and that a current mailing address for the child be on file with the Cortez Rotary.

There is no charge for participation, and parents that sign up their kids will never be asked to pay in any way. There is, however, a cost to the Cortez Rotary of $25 per year, per child, which pays for the books, shipping and handling. In order to introduce the program, a number of businesses in the community have made substantial contributions, as well as Rotary members and private individuals. The long-range goal is to get every eligible child in Montezuma County enrolled in the program, as well as to begin offering this program in Dolores County as well. What better gift to give during this holiday season than the gift of reading? If you would like to help support this program in our community or sign up a child in your family or circle of friends, you could start a child on the road to a lifetime of adventures through books. Won't you join others in our community and help support this program? For additional information on Imagination Library, to enroll a child, or make a contribution to this program, contact Shane Hale at 531-9592, the Cortez Rotary chair for this project. This season, consider giving the gift of reading.