Perhaps civilization will find some sanity


I find myself in deep hope that the Mayans were right about Dec. 21 and that the earth will undergo a new alignment. Perhaps civilization will find some sanity, and mankind will finally recognize the connection that we all have with one another. If that doesn't happen soon, I think the days left of our time on this planet are limited. How much grief and war can this world endure? How much wanting and greed can happen before this whole place turns to ashes? I've lived yet another year and borne witness to even more atrocities and hate; nevertheless, I have developed a deeper love of all those who have touched my life, people who have emptied the self and have onlyclear being there. If love is the message that comes from this celebration of Christ, let us taste only sacredness in our relationships with one another. Don't let the particle you are return where it came from without learning this lesson of unity. There is hope for this world as long as your heart, my friend, is part of the new alignment. One spirit at a time, one kind act, and we can make the Mayan prediction come true! May this Christmas join our hearts and minds in peace and love.

Willson Bloch