Thank you, for the great Friday night events!

To the editor:

As our Holiday activities were on their way, the weather held out for our Rudolph Run, Tree lighting & Santa. The Rudolph Run started with a great crowd! Annette Mullikin started off the run with over sixty runners & walkers! Santa received a first class ride on the Mancos Fire Department's fire truck to start the town events. The crowd gathered as Santa got closer, the kiddo's waited patiently as Santa got off of the Fire truck. Then, Santa was off to the Community Center where the Girl Scouts helped with all of the kiddos waiting for Santa to tell him want they wanted and to receive special goodie bags made especially by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary! We had a packed house for Santa & the Grinch movie. It was a full night of hot chocolate & cookies for the kiddos. Sorry mom and dads for the sugar rushes!

Special thanks for helping to make the holidays possible: Mancos VFW Ladies Auxiliary, P & D, Ray Aspromonte, Mancos Fire Dept, Deputy John Cox, Scott Spencer, Annette Mullikin, Brandy Hale's Girl Scout troop: Mylee Sena, Neavah Sena, Andrea Sena, Mikaela Moores, & Madison Hale.

Also, a Big Thank you to Santa for starting off our town events & to all of you and your families for participating in our holiday events! We hope you all had fun!

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday!

Leslie Hopkins

Parks and Recreation