Fight fire with fire, not submission


I think all the networks just revel in making as many people miserable as they can, they latch onto any disaster, tragedy, or anything that pulls at your heart, and mind. Then they dwell on it, for to me what seems like ages. I mean they constantly remind us and the ones touched the most to mourn and be as sad as they can make us all feel for as long as they can milk the story for their own ratings. Believe me, that is what the TV business is all about!

None of them suggest any solutions, they just wail and wail for the government to take care of any and all things that they can!

My suggestion, make it a requirement that all teachers, administrators, and supervisors over the age of 21 years of age, be trained, qualified, and suggested that they can then carry a firearm for theirs, and the children's protection! Post a notice at the doors that the occupants are armed, trained and able to defend themselves. That should deter even some of the nut cases from committing suicide inside the building? It has been proven over and over that just the presence of a firearm in the hands of a trained professional does deter illegal acts. And if it is there, anything else is just backup.

Fight fire with fire, not submission!

Elmer M. Reavely