Address the sewage capacity problem now


After reading the article about the possibility of a Hampton Inn being built by the Holiday Inn, I am more than a little concerned. The sanitation district seems to feel that there is no problem with the added usage.

I live west of the current high school, and we smell sewer gas, sometimes to the point of our eyes watering, and have to go inside during the summer. We can still smell it in our house, but it's not as obtrusive. I've talked to the sanitation district several times as to what could be done, and the only thing they said they could do was "push more air into the pipes." Anyone shopping at WalMart can smell the gas and know what I'm talking about.

Now, they are talking about building another motel plus adding the new high school in that area. I can't begin to imagine the stench that we all will have to endure. Please, please address the current problem before adding another one to it!

Pat Tulio