Kindness is special. Random acts of kindness are extra special. Maybe it's the unexpectedness of those random acts of kindness that catches us by surprise.

It's that splash of niceness in a seemingly ocean of bad news and bitterness that makes us appreciate our fellow friend and neighbor.

The other day, a woman strolled into the Cortez Journal office and asked to place some advertisements. The ads would be for a business that recently opened, which is suffering the growing pains that can come with a new small business. A few advertisements might generate a little more business.

But this anonymous person paying for these ads wasn't the business owner. This person just wants to help out a new business owner that could use a little help.

That's why she sauntered into the office and handed over $100 to pay for a series of advertisements to appear in the newspaper. A struggling new small business to get $100 worth of advertising - very nice.

A random act of kindness and a gigantic bag of Christmas spirit.

Christmastime is special for so many reasons. Kindness is just one of them. A random act, yes, but a kind, selfless act that pushes all that bad news to the side, even for just a moment or two.