We have a moral and spiritual problem


The basic principals of the United States constitution were founded on Christian ideals.

For about 200 years, it had been of critical importance to the majority of the people in our nation that our culture, within our families, our communities and in our schools, teach our children about God and moral (Christian) principals. Those principals were then considered to be perpetually progressive to the long term benefit of each individual and to our nation, as a whole. Those principals were also embraced by our government.

Our nation has witnessed many horrible tragedies of people, in their quest only of "self," killing fellow citizens, even innocent children. However, it was not the fault of the drugs and alcohol, or the guns, or the arrows, or the knives, or the gasoline that was poured on the women and then set fire, all of which we have heard about on the news lately - it is our fault! We have a moral (spiritual) problem, because we don't seem to possess enough reason within ourselves to choose good over evil!

True joy and happiness becomes a reality when the Holy Spirit is present in our lives, but it almost seems that the Lord is withdrawing his Spirit from our nation, as we have become so divided! We have removed God and Christian principals from our homes, our schools and our government and instead, have taught that killing babies is now our own personal free choice! Greed and self gratification becomes the name of the game, as our children no longer hold value to chastity before marriage and what God considers to be an abomination is now fully acceptable to us and even marital fidelity is actually laughed at in today's culture!

The solution to all of our nation's horrible problems lies within the concepts of the Bible, laid out by Jesus Christ. I only wish that the majority of the people in our nation were interested enough in having a better environment to live in that those "peace causing ideals," actually become a reality again in the United States today!

Marc Semadeni

Dove Creek

Via email