What about violent entertainment?


I am not one of your regular letter writers but I have a thought concerning the tragedy in Connecticut. I'm sure this will be met with a good deal of opposition. I am sure this is not popular, but I was thinking about several bus wrecks, some being school buses, with children aboard who were killed or injured, but I haven't heard an outcry to ban buses. Even more importantly, where is the outcry about the violent videos, television shows and movies that our youth are exposed to almost constantly, some having numerous shootings and/or stabbings every minute.

I'm reminded of the saying that I once read: "Thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalences." I would guess that a small percentage of youth today, especially suburban kids, have many wholesome activities, but I know some who are almost constantly watching violence on their electronic gadgets. I'll guess that Hollywood won't come under fire because they are big contributors to the politicians. I wonder if some of the mental problems in our society are instigated and cultivated by the exposure to so much violence.

Do you think that the flurry of gun sales since the Newtown tragedy is so people can go out and shoot innocent babies multiple times, or could it be, as was originally stated by the framers of our Constitution, for the citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government?

Vern Crites


Via email