True religion, valid science are never in conflict


As a believing, active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a social scientist (Ph.D. from Stanford University) I regret the kind of treatment you (Duane Keown, who wrote the book, "Thirteenth Year in Zion," reported receiving at BYU and in southeast Utah. There are those of all kinds in the church and many bother me as well with their attitudes and approaches.

I want to assure the author that there are also many faithful church members, including the leaders I know well, who do not believe in nor practice the kind of unkindness and intolerance you noted.

True religion and valid science are never in conflict. We should all be open to the search for truth wherever it can be found. I am more than willing to help the author discover a much better view of the church.

Phillip C. Smith

Orem, Utah