Shame on you for stealing lawn ornaments


Shame on you.

You know who you are. Why did you steal two white mesh deer and a 3-foot black wood carved bear out of Carol and Orly Lucero's yard? These were Carol's favorite deer. Why would you want to spoil Christmas for many children and their parents who enjoy all the Christmas lights and decorations at 400 S. Maple? The Luceros go to a lot of work and expense to provide the public with a beautiful Christmas display in their yard. Carol spends all year looking for new decorations for the yard. I am her sister and we don't take a trip, go to a yard sale or a auction that she is not looking for Christmas decorations for the next year.

If you were the one who took them please take them back. Or maybe you are the neighbor of the person or persons that stole them. Please let the police know if you have seen these items. The deer were the ones that were in the picture in the newspaper article.

Cathy Topper


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