We need to look at our own behavior


I am a citizen of Montezuma County and a member of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

I have read many articles in the Cortez Journal about using it to point at someone or as a religious thought. But my question to every who works or is part of a family, friends or just the general population, is, "Why do we continue to harass others through our jobs when we are to be professionals and unbiased?"

Over the years this county and tribe have continuously changed to turn people against people. The past was more mature to handle any problems without retaliation from anyone.

Two examples that I have the privilege to express thoughts on and the experiences I have managed to face:

The court system, which has clerks who have been using their positions to influence and execute judgments against people with insufficient or fictitious allegations. I call it an attempt to satisfy their own agenda.

Office personnel who are inexperienced and cannot comprehend a position to be bias and not involve other personnel to execute their vendetta, just to prove a point.

As you read this, it may sound as if I am pointing fingers, but what I am saying is that we all need to look at ourselves in order to execute goodwill. When we can say, "Yes, I said that," or "Yes, I did that," the road to harassing people will never stop.

Yvonne M. House