Small dogs from New Mexico hope for a better chance here

The Cortez Animal Shelter has received a transfer of 11 small breed dogs, relocated from the Albuquerque Animal Shelter on Thursday, Jan. 10. All are adults or young adults. The Albuquerque shelter was overrun with small dogs and the Cortez shelter made a decision that they would help them out in their time of need. The new arrivals include six Chihuahua mixes, a Border terrier mix, a mini Doberman Pinscher and a mini Pinscher mix. Some are shy, some are not - but all are sweet and will come out of their shell once they find a forever home with someone they can finally trust and love. These small new additions to the Cortez shelter are all great little dogs, and are available for adoption. For more information, contact the Cortez Animal Shelter at 565-4910 or come check them out at 2791 E. Main St.