Gun facts vs. biased opinions


In the Thursday, Jan. 10 edition of the Cortez Journal, we once again find a far-left diatribe written by Denton May with statements he writes as facts, but are nothing more than biased opinions. He stated 84 percent of the murders in the world occur in the U.S. I do not believe anyone, including Mr. May, knows how many murders occur in the world each year. He states 50 percent of the world's guns are in the U. S. I know for a fact no one knows how many guns are in the U.S., much less the entire world. Just for example, and so we can believe his "facts," how many guns are in Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Rwanda, Libya, or Somalia (how about the number of murders in those countries, too)? Certainly no one knows. And, Mr. May stated "the NRA is now owned by the gun industry, not the membership." Is that fact or opinion? If that's fact, it's certainly news to the NRA's more than 2 million members. I wonder how Mr. May knew and all of those members didn't?

I believe Mr. May, and others who would like to change the Second Amendment, think they know better than the U. S. Supreme Court what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they penned the Second Amendment to our Constitution; because what the court has ruled and what Mr. May states the Founding Fathers had in mind are two different things. I also believe that Mr. May (like the extremists on both sides of an issue) doesn't mind stating his opinions as facts. So, readers beware.

Rick Corbitt


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