No one would have known about it


Now that every comment is considered an "opinion," the opinions submitted to the Journal about the Forest Service road closings point out something more interesting than someone's "opinion."

Regardless of the excuse provided by the Journal about this matter, the fact remains that if not for someone pointing out that the lack of access to public lands was becoming a problem, no one would have known about it.

The point being the media at one time kept the people informed about wrongdoing by government employees instead of attempting to justify it.

Gordon Black


Editor's note: For years, the Journal has extensively covered the development of, and public comments regarding, issue of the Boggy-Glade travel plan, including numerous public meetings that were well publicized in advance by the Journal and other publications and by the Forest Service. For the entire duration of that time, letter-writers have stated their objections or support, as they continue to do.

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