I hope the rainbow flag represents us


I am not sure how Gordon Black came to the conclusion that a rainbow flag represents the Democratic Party (Journal, Jan. 15). If it does represent the Democratic Party's ideals it makes me all the prouder that I am a Democrat. We are a diverse nation and the Democratic Party is all encompassing. We are made up of all races, religions and colors, and do not believe in government interference in who we love or how a women decides what is best for her. We are of many opinions, we may argue, but we respect each other as civilized people should. Maybe the conservatives should take a clue; you may win more national elections and be better, happier people for it. So, maybe the rainbow flag does represent us, I hope so!

As for the Confederate flag, the last time I checked the South lost the war, so when I see a Confederate flag, I only think of losers.

Larry Berger


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