Kaleidoscope Wellness to have sketchy hours

Help Dr. Celeste save her home and business during these next few months of surgery and treatment for breast cancer. Every $25 donation receives a complimentary 90-minute floatation session. You can go to www.mancoswellness.com, click on "wellness integrative" then "keep afloat".

From now through March 1, our hours will be sporadic. The lovely volunteers will be running the place, so please be patient with us!

The use of floatation tanks is accumulative, and can help with the following:

Intense Relaxation

Relieve old injuries

Ease Arthritis

Release Endorphins - the body's natural pain killer and happy pill.

Improve the condition of the skin.

Detoxify the system.

Useful in pregnancy

Increase creativity and imagination.

Increase circulation and energy levels.

Balance the left and right brain.

Improve concentration.

An aid for addictions, phobias and depression.

Regulate sleeping patterns - simulates 4 hours of sleep.

Relieve stress.

Why float regularly?

The more you use floatation tanks the better it gets! Each flotation tank session is unique, and two floats are rarely the same.

Infrared Sauna

Increase Metabolism, Burn Calories & Lose Weight

Relieve Muscle Pain

Improve the Immune System

Remove Toxins

Improve Appearance of Cellulite

Ease Joint Pain and Stiffness

Reduce Stress and Fatigue

Improve Skin

For more information, please call 970-533-1100.