An unarmed citizenry is a defenseless one


It is really strange to read our founding fathers were far too stupid to understand that technology would advance, as they saw it advance in their lives. Of course they knew we wouldn't stand still with muskets. How silly to believe this nonsense.

If you want to go that route then I'm sure they never foresaw the First Amendment would be abused as it has been. Religion was to be protected but instead they've twisted the amendment and its meaning to censure religion. They've falsely continued to say separation of church and state is in the Constitution. Wrong. It was in a letter from Jefferson to reassure the Baptists the government wouldn't interfere with their right to worship as they saw fit but the media, pundits and politicians continue to spread the lie.

When the First Amendment was written, they never believed pornography and other media degradation of human beings would exist but they still wrote it to guarantee freedom of speech. They also never believed an American citizen would ever be so thankless as to burn the American flag. So there you go.

If you want to believe the Second Amendment should be adjusted for the Left to take your guns, then more fool you. We've all believed for too long the courts and government wouldn't do things to hurt and control us. Time to wake up. An unarmed citizenry is a defenseless one. As Thomas Jefferson said "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." The government has taken control of our healthcare, our property, our businesses, our children's education and now want to control our guns. All with the help of your elected representatives. Ask yourself why.

Catherine Spencer


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