They don't mean anything by it


I watched the KOAT news clip about the Confederate flag. The clip was very one-sided. They didn't investigate why the rebel flag had anything to do with the "alleged" hate crime. Oh wait, Dolores High School didn't investigate why the student made the display and placed it in the teacher's classroom. Instead they just expelled the student, no questions asked.

Now all of a sudden they are labeling Logan Hindmarsh as a racist. Really? Isn't this bullying? Logan had nothing to do with the "alleged" hate crime, so why isn't he being left alone? Because he chooses to use the First Amendment. The rebel flag is a thing that the boys liked that I grew up with, because I too attended Dolores. They don't mean anything by it. It's just a thing saying "I'm a rebellious teenager." There was even a petition signed at school to keep the rebel flag and the African American students went and found the boys who had the petition and signed it. Does Dolores sound racist to you? It surely didn't to the African American students.

Personally I think that Dolores is trying to get its 15 seconds of fame since this "alleged" hate crime happened a few days before the Sandy Hook shooting. Does Dolores seriously want what happened in Sandy Hook to happen there? Bullying and exploiting these boys is not the answer. Perhaps Dolores needs a reality check to get back to what they are supposed to be doing: teaching our youth.

Whitney Willis

Minerva, Ohio