Sheriff's Blotter


. A deputy traveling east on Hwy. 160 observed a vehicle in front of his patrol vehicle going the same direction weave in and out of its lane several times, crossing the white fog line and the yellow center dividing lines. The vehicle traveled at speeds varying between 48 mph and 60 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. As one lane merged into two adjacent lanes, a passing lane became available, and the car failed to change lanes and continued to drive in the passing lane, failing to obey a posted sign directing slower vehicles to move into the right lane to allow normal traffic to pass. The deputy activated his emergency lights, pulled over the car, and contacted the female driver. He observed three male occupants in the vehicle. The woman handed the deputy an ID card and was asked if she had a valid license. She stated that she did not. She was asked for the vehicle's papers and appeared uncertain where the documents were in the vehicle, stating that the vehicle belonged to a friend. When asked if any of the occupants in the vehicle had a valid driver's license, she stated she did not know. The other occupants were asked to provide their ID and all three of the male occupants handed the deputy Mexico ID cards. Dispatch advised that the female driver's license came back as cancelled/denied, and one of the male passengers had an extraditable warrant out of Durango. He was taken into custody and a summons was issued to the woman, who was advised not to drive. The male was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


. A deputy learned that a male subject with three active warrants for his arrest was at an residential address in town, waiting for someone to pick him up with the intention of leaving town. Two deputies decided to go do a knock and talk at the residence. One deputy waited near the residence while the other went to the door to make contact with the occupants. The male subject with the warrants was observed walking past an open window by the deputy who was able to positively identify him. After knocking at the door, a female answered, and the deputy identified himself and asked if the named suspect was in the residence. The female said "No." The deputy asked her for consent to enter the residence to confirm based on the other deputy's observation of the suspect in the residence, and the female agreed and let both deputies in. The male suspect was located in a bedroom, hiding between the bed and the wall. He was taken into custody without incident for the three warrants of Theft $1,000-$20,000; Failure To Appear; and Driving Under Restraint, and was turned over to jail staff.

. A deputy responded to the jail to serve a warrant to a woman. The woman was currently incarcerated and was preparing to bond out of jail, when she was informed that she had a warrant issued out of Montezuma County for Failure to Comply. The woman was returned to the care and custody of jail staff.

. A deputy responded to the jail to serve a warrant to a woman. The woman was currently incarcerated and was preparing to bond out of jail, when she was informed that she had a warrant issued out of Utah for Driving Under the Influence. The woman was returned to the care and custody of jail staff.


. A deputy was on patrol on a county road, when a car he was traveling behind came to an abrupt stop in the lane of traffic directly in front of him, and he activated his emergency lights to conduct a welfare check. The male driver quickly exited the car and began to advance towards the patrol vehicle. Not knowing the subject's intentions, the deputy exited the patrol vehicle and drew his duty issued weapon. The subject was loudly told to stay where he was and to show his hands; he quickly got back in his vehicle. The deputy asked the subject why he was stopped in the middle of the road, and the man stated he ran out of gas and the vehicle died. While speaking, the subject would not look the deputy in the eyes and his hands were shaking at an uncontrollable pace. The deputy observed on the floorboard a glass pipe and a box with a plastic baggie sticking out of the top. The subject was asked to exit the vehicle and a safety patdown was conducted for weapons. The subject made the comment that he did not know what might be on his person. While conducting the patdown, the deputy felt a long cylindrical object in the subject's jacket pocket, and asked about it. The subject said that whatever it was, it was not his, because he just left from the casino. The object was retrieved from his jacket pocket, and when the deputy opened the cylinder, he found a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine and a clear plastic baggie containing a white crystalline substance that tested positive as meth. The subject was taken into custody and the deputy conducted a vehicle search. On the floorboard, he recovered a glass pipe, a container holding suspected marijuana and the box with a baggie inside that contained three types of loose pills, later identified as Gabapentin, Hydrocodone, and Tramadol. A digital scale was also located in the driver's side back seat. The subject was advised of his miranda rights and chose to have his attorney present before being questioned. Dispatch advised that the subject had a restraining order in effect out of another county stating he could not possess or consume controlled substances. The subject was issued a felony hold for Unlawful Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance; Violation of a Restraining Order; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

. A deputy on patrol westbound on County Road G observed a car traveling ahead of him with a cracked windshield, obscuring the driver's view. The deputy stopped the car and contacted the female driver. While speaking with her, the deputy noticed the male sitting in the right front passenger seat looking directly forward. The deputy asked the passenger if he had ID, and he responded without turning his head that he did not. The passenger was asked to write his name and date of birth on a note pad he was handed. Dispatch cleared the woman, but had no record for the male. The deputy asked him if he had provided his real identity, and the male passenger responded that he may have a warrant for his arrest and so did not give his correct information. After he gave a different name, dispatch advised that the male had an outstanding warrant with a $3,000 bond. He was placed under arrest, and taken into custody. The female driver was given a verbal warning and released.

. A deputy on patrol on Hwy. 160 observed a car ahead of him with New Mexico plates and was advised by dispatch that the license plates came back as expired in May of 2012. The deputy pulled the vehicle over and requested ID and car paperwork from the male driver, who told him that he did not have a valid driver's license. Dispatch advised that the driver's license privileges were revoked in the State of Colorado for an alcohol-related offense. The driver was taken into custody, and the vehicle was released to a valid driver. The driver was also issued a verbal warning for the expired registration and was left in the care and custody of jail staff.