Annual update from the Visitor Center

The Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center had a busy and productive year. The Mancos Valley website was updated and now includes a business directory that is inclusive of all businesses in the Valley. The intent is to encourage folks to shop local by letting them know about the goods and services available in the Mancos Valley. If you have a business and you are not listed at the website, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and advise us that you wish to be listed. You can call the Chamber at 533-7434 or send an e-mail to

The "Mancos Valley First: Think Locally" campaign also included a new initiative called the "Cash Mob" where on a particular day and at a particular time a local business is swamped by people ready to spend a little time and a little cash to create a crazy business day for that business. So far the following businesses have been mobbed and with great results for the business owner: Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters, Artisans of Mancos, Raven House Gallery, Olio, Zuma Natural Foods. The next "Cash Mob" will be at Kaleidoscope Wellness on Saturday, Feb. 9. If you would like to host an event, contact the Chamber of Commerce and get on our list.

The Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce is also committed to encouraging tourists to spend some time in Mancos and discover what the Valley has to offer visitors. The redesign of the website has resulted in a more welcoming site to visit that entices visitors to explore western adventures available nearby, the history and culture of our community and the many events and outdoor fun that can be experienced in the Valley. The Chamber makes contributions to organizations and projects that encourage tourism - The Mancos Valley/Mesa Verde Country Balloon and Arts Festival, Sugar Pine Ranch Rally, and the Chicken Creek Nordic Ski Area. In addition, the Mancos Valley Arts Council maintains the Town Gallery at the Visitor Center and keeps rotating art exhibits moving through the VC. The Town Gallery actually inspires tourists who view the art work to spend a little more time in town and explore what our downtown area has to offer. The historic walking tour brochure of Mancos also helps visitors explore and discover the beauty and charm of our small town.

The number of visitors to the VC was down this year by 18 percent. The fires during the summer and the road construction at our front door probably discouraged many visitors. However, e-mail and requests for information were up by 28 percent. These numbers may be indicators of a better summer for 2013. Let's remain optimistic that better things are on their way to Mancos.