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"Red" is looking for a job ... he is four years old, and your typical red heeler, meaning he is happiest when he has something to do. This beautiful and sturdy cinnamon-colored boy isn't big, but he'll need room to run. He is a patient and resilient dog - though he has been at the shelter awhile, he has been able to maintain his good spirits. Red is intelligent and territorial, and gets along better with women. The shelter hopes to find him a new owner who is a perfect fit for this high-energy, inquisitive fellow. The shelter also has a an older reddish-brown neutered male Dachshund who just became available for adoption. He was found stray last week, but no one has come looking for him - despite the fast that this sweet little man and lap dog has no apparent health issues, is not overweight, and had obviously been well-cared for. They also have kittens and cats very eager for a chance, including a very loving tawny-colored tabby male who has become very sad and appears to be giving up. Show him that humans are OK. The shelter is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on alternate Fridays; they will be open this Friday. The fee for adoption includes spaying or neutering, and vaccination. The shelter needs small size rawhides for the shelter dogs and cleaning supplies such as paper towels, liquid dish soap and unscented bleach. For more information, call the shelter at 565-4910. To view more animals, visit or www.petango. com (enter 81321 zip code for each) or www.cityofcortez. com/government/animal_shelter.

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