25 Boggy-Glade plan appeals filed with Forest Service

The San Juan National Forest Dolores Ranger District received more appeals related to the Boggy-Glade Travel Management decision than initially reported by The Cortez Journal. As of Thursday, Jan. 24, District Ranger Derek Padilla had received 11 appeals. A rash of last-minute appeals followed on Friday, when the appeal period closed, bringing the total to 25. The appeals came from local governments, organizations and citizens concerned about all, or portions of, the decision.

The Forest Service will now review each appeal. In some cases, an appeal may be dismissed without review if the writer failed to provide information that is required under the appeal regulations at 36CFR215. This requirement was described in the Decision Notice document published in December.

"If an appeal letter or email fails to describe specific changes to be made related to the Boggy-Glade decision, or fails to describe how the appellant feels the decision violates law, regulation or policy, then the Appeal Deciding Officer may dismiss the appeal without further review," said Deborah Kill, Dolores District Environmental Coordinator. "When this happens, a letter is written to the appellant explaining the reason for dismissal."

Appeals that are not dismissed will be officially reviewed, and a decision on those appeals will occur on or before March 11, 2013. "Various outcomes could occur depending on the findings of the Appeal Deciding Officer," Padilla said. "In the meantime, I and my staff remain available to discuss the project."

For more information, contact the Dolores Public Lands Office at 882-7296.