Walmart and its employees a huge help for animals

With so much negative publicity aimed at Walmart these days, I have only positive comments about our local superstore. At the end of every year, Noah's Ark, non-kill animal shelter, thanks everyone who helps and supported us through the last year. We will be doing that soon, but this special thank you goes to Walmart. Again, as for the past 12 years, their donations of pet food and supplies have been the saving grace that has kept the Ark afloat. Now we have an additional reason to express our gratitude. As I was unloading my cart in the Walmart parking lot on Christmas Eve, I noticed a large yellow Lab running amid the very busy last minute Christmas traffic. Visibility was poor since it was snowing heavily. In an effort to catch him so he would not get hit, and to check the tags on his collar, I got sidetracked from tending to my own business. The dog disappeared and I was convinced he was out of harm's way, so I got into my truck and drove away. Twenty minutes later I realized I had left my purse in the shopping cart. I immediately went back to Walmart thinking, "What are the chances I'll ever see it again?" My faith in mankind and appreciation of Walmart and its employees was renewed when I was told that my purse with all its valuable contents had been turned in by one of the cart boys. I was not given the young man's name, but on behalf of Noah's Ark, and myself, I want to say thank you so much. I commend your honesty and pray that you will be blessed in the New Year. We are also grateful to Lila and the staff in Claims for their part in the weekly donations to our 70 orphans.


Louise Long

Director, Noah's Ark

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