Hold government officials accountable


In reading the letters in recent issues by people who were in favor of the Forest Service Travel Management Plan and those against it, there is a point that hasn't been discussed much that is symptomatic of our whole governmental misrule that we have today. That is that the government, the Forest Service in this case, has broken the law in the manner in which they prepared the plan and much of what is in the plan. We are not a democracy, but a constitutional republic. In a sense, a constitutional republic is similar to a democracy with the exception that we have a constitution to protect the people from either a tyrannical government, or a tyrannical mob rule of the majority. When we chip away at that protection, whether it be unlawfully prepared travel plans, gun control, censorship of non-politically correct ideas or statements or symbols, we do so to our own destruction. We must hold our government, from our president on down, to obeying the laws of the land if we expect the citizenry to do so, or we will soon find ourselves to be a completely lawless society. We are closer to this now than we would like to think. For our own good, we must hold our government officials at all levels accountable.

James R. Lambert

Pleasant View

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