Make the punishment fit the crime


Every day the American people are losing more of our constitutional rights, what after gun control? We are already not allowed to go ATVing and camping on property we pay taxes to support, just to mention a few.

You want to stop things like the Sandy Hook shooting and other school shootings. What about rape and murder of innocent people from kids to adults, you want to stop that too? Why are we not looking at the real problem here?

Lets start by looking at the death penalty, and I don't mean 15 or 20 years down the road; how about 18 to 24 months after conviction. Make a punishment to fit the crime and then see that it is carried out in a fashion that people get to see what happens to anyone who is found guilty.

I have a feeling a parent may own some of the guilt in this case. I also think the video games that kids are allowed to play have a big part in most of these shootings, along with being bullied by others.

A gun just a tool; use it right and it won't hurt anyone, whether it holds one shell or fifty.

So look for who is responsible and make the punishment fit the crime.

Steve Sharp



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