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. Deputies were dispatched to a rural address for suspicious activity. Someone had reported seeing headlights in the driveway at the residence and they believed the owners of the house were out of town. Upon arrival, a deputy observed a pickup truck parked in the driveway at the residence with the headlights and taillights on. As the two deputies approached the pickup on foot, they could hear loud music coming it and it appeared that a person was inside. It also appeared the truck was stuck in the snow. The deputies saw a hand over the center console and made several announcements for the subject to exit the vehicle, but the subject never acknowledged their presence. The two deputies approached the vehicle, and found that the doors were locked and the pickup was still in drive and the engine was running. The subject inside had his coat hood over his head, his arms crossed and was slumped over the center console and appeared to be sleeping. After several loud commands one of the deputies knocked on the side window, and the driver sat up and opened his door. There was a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was asked to get out and after several seconds he slowly stepped out of the truck. He then fell back into the vehicle, catching himself when he landed on the driver's seat. He was asked if there was any reason he was asleep in his truck and listening to music so loud. The male replied by saying "because I have been drinking." The deputy had to help the subject walk, and he kept asking why they were there and saying that it was private property and that they weren't allowed to be there. He also kept saying he was not a criminal and that the deputies needed to go and catch the real criminals. The subject stated he hadn't been drinking and driving; he had drank but a girl had taken him home. When asked what the girl's name was, he stated he didn't know but girls love him and one of them had taken him home. The male subject was charged with DUI.

. A deputy pulled over a vehicle traveling south on Hwy. 160 that had a brake light that was out. The female driver was recognized from previous contacts, and the deputy observed that she had arm and finger tremors. He also saw her purse sitting open on the car's passenger seat with a very large can of a particular brand of hair spray in it. The woman stated she was on her way to the casino. Dispatch advised that she was on probation, and the deputy asked her if she had used any drugs recently because of her physical symptoms. She admitted that she had smoked two bowls of methamphetamine 14 days ago at a friend's party because they were passing around a pipe. The woman didn't want the deputy to search the vehicle, saying that she was running late for getting to the casino. When the deputy walked back to the vehicle he observed that the woman's purse was still sitting in the passenger seat, but the hair spray can was no longer in it. He then observed that the can was now lying on the back passenger side floorboard of the vehicle. The deputy asked the woman about this and she denied that she had moved it. The deputy explained that he had seen this type of hide-a-can to hide illegal drugs and asked if she would allow him to look at the can. She stated she did not want him to. As the deputy was talking to her about her drug use and how it could ruin her body, she commented that there was drug paraphernalia in the can. The can was retrieved from the car, and the deputy unscrewed the bottom of it and observed a space in the can that contained several types of methamphetamine drug paraphernalia as well as a baggie and two bindles that contained meth. The woman was advised that she was under arrest, and stated, "That's not methamphetamine, that's cut." She also stated that the smaller bindle was meth and the rock in the baggie was meth and she had forgotten that she had them. After being arrested, the woman started crying and stated, "I really screwed myself." The deputy advised her there was no way she was going to get off meth if she couldn't admit to herself she had a problem. She stated that she understood.

. A deputy responded to a residence for a report of a stolen wallet. He spoke to a female reporting party, who stated that a few days earlier, a male subject came by to fix something in her residence. He stayed there approximately and hour and a half working. Shortly after he left she noticed her wallet was missing. She stated he was the only person in the residence and she did not see him take the wallet. In the wallet were her driver's license, a Medicare card, her commodities card, various local store cards, and a gift card. She also stated she had some cash in her wallet. A family member of the male subject lives on the property in another residence and the reporting party was concerned because he has been by to "visit" her quite often. The deputy walked over to the other residence to see if the subject was there. A young female opened the door and when asked if the subject was home she told the deputy that the last she knew, he was in Utah and she hasn't seen him for a while.


. Dispatch requested a deputy contact a man in regards to his debit card being stolen. The man told the deputy that the last time he had used his card was on Jan. 19 at three businesses, and he had then returned home. At approximately 7 p.m. a male acquaintance of his stopped by, and was with a woman only known to the reporting party by her first name, along with an unidentified male. The reporting party stated that he and his acquaintance had gone outside to help him get a vehicle unstuck, leaving the woman and the unidentified male inside the home. About an hour later, the three left the residence, and early the following morning, the reporting party found that his debit card was missing from his wallet, which had been left on his dining room table after he returned home the night before. The reporting party believes that the woman took his debit card from his wallet when he and his friend were outside. When asked if the woman would have known his PIN number, he stated that earlier in the week he had lent his food stamp card to the woman and advised her of the PIN so she could make a purchase with it; he advised the PIN's for both cards were the same. The deputy went to the man's bank and spoke with someone there who advised that there was activity on the debit card after 9 p.m. on the date the card was taken. He provided a print out showing 23 attempted transactions, with 13 of them being successful in taking money out of the victim's account for a total of $1,573.40. The bank authority also stated that the victim did have his debit card canceled. The print out does show dates, times and addresses where the card was used. The deputy followed up with each of the businesses to view video surveillance of who was using the card.


. A woman reported to Pretrial Services at the Sheriff's Alternative Sentencing Office. As she walked in, the deputy could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage, and asked the woman if she had anything to drink. She stated it was mouth wash. She was asked again if she had anything to drink. She stated she had taken some cold medicine. She was asked to take an alcohol breath test and based on the BAC results, she was asked again if she had anything to drink. She stated she had taken cold medicine. She was informed that her BAC was too high to be caused by cold medicine. She said "Maybe there was something in my Dr. Pepper." Another deputy stepped out of his office and made the comment that he could smell the alcoholic beverage odor. The woman was informed that she was in violation of bail bonds and was handcuffed and placed in custody. She was turned over to the care and custody of jail detention staff. A warrant was served against her for Violation of Pretrial Services Order.


. Two deputies were at the casino and while walking through, observed a woman who was known to them and who they believed had a warrant out for her arrest. The woman made contact with one of the deputies, asking if he had seen her father. After the contact, dispatch advised deputies that the woman had a Class 4 Felony warrant for Theft by Receiving. She was placed her under arrest and was left in the care and custody of jail staff. She was booked on the a warrant for Theft by Receiving $1,000 to $20,000.

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