How do you feel about the U.S. Postal Service stopping Saturday mail delivery in August?

  • Priscilla O'Reilly rancher I understand if the Post Office needs to save money by limiting hours or days. I'm OK with that. I can work my schedule around their schedule.

  • Susan Lyon retired I think everyone should be off on the weekend. Itís not a big deal. People get upset over the smallest things anymore. I bet most people donít even check their mail on Saturday.

  • Robert Cooper foster care worker It opens up your weekend. You donít have to worry about getting bills. On the flip side, you could be expecting something very important.

  • Fred Shearer retired Iím worried about my Saturday newspaper. I have it delivered by mail. Will I have to wait until Monday to read Fridayís news?

  • Fran Hawks registered nurse I know theyíre in debt terribly and trying to save money. I hate to see a good thing go, but Iím not surprised. Itís the end of an era.

  • Vonnie Robinson Four Corners Builders Association Itís no problem, considering theyíll still deliver packages and medications, and P.O. boxes will still be open. It makes little difference.