Please clean up after yourselves


Looking at the "big picture" of events in the world today such as natural disasters, shootings, terrorist attacks and hard times everywhere, what I am writing about may seem to some as insignificant. However, we must all know that we live in a gorgeous bit of southwestern Colorado and sadly, some people have lost sight of that. Who are the people who thoughtlessly open their car doors and dump the contents of their car ashtrays in parking lots of local businesses? Who are you who decide to drop your empty fast food bags and cups all over the city parks and in front of the rec center with trash cans within sight? And who are the dog walkers in the parks who do not pick up after their animals when bags and trash cans are provided? I don't understand this kind of thoughtlessness at all. In a place I once worked, a sign in the break room read, "Your mom doesn't work here. Please clean up after yourself." Perhaps that's the problem: Mom has been doing the cleaning up for so long, some of us have forgotten that we have a responsibility to ourselves, others and our community.

Martha (Marty) Costos


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