Gun control is not common sense


No point in asking where the irrational approval of the abject disregard of existing federal statute law violated by a ballot issue that legalizes marijuana as some kind of monumental achievement by (Colorado Gov. John) Hickenlooper and the "new" Democrat pioneers' establishment of delinquency instead of existing federal law.

Is this the example of Democratic common sense? Political corruption? What, then, can be expected from (President Barack) Obama, (Vice President Joe) Biden, (New York Rep. Carolyn) McCarthy, (Colorado 1st District Congressional Rep. Diana) DeGette, (Colorado state Rep. Rhonda) Fields and the rest of the common-sense Democrats on gun control?

From the Democratic political aspect of common sense, the purpose is to force the political idea upon each individual to influence or preempt any freedom of thought, to then lead to further political exploitation. This idea of simple behavior control is nothing new, nor is it common sense.

What, then, can be expected from Democrats and the Democratic debate on common-sense gun control?

Gordon Black


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