Make Re-4A officials accountable for hate


Dolores is too great to hate, so, why are the school board and superintendent spreading so much hate? I have attended the last several board of education meetings and I have seldom seen more intolerance and hate from one leadership group.

After publicly criticizing the proposed school plan to purchase property from the Town of Dolores, I was labeled a "hater." In an email sent to many school employees and board members, the superintendent called my letter to the editor "hate mail".

In the same email, the superintendent accused a student of committing a hate crime. That student has since been expelled from school. I feel strongly that the school board and superintendent are responsible for the hate that is now felt by this family toward the Dolores School System. Now was the ideal time to teach "kindness counts." The leadership had the opportunity to show kindness and allow a student a second chance while simultaneously setting boundaries on speech.

At the most recent school board meeting, two prepared statements were read prior to the section of the agenda set aside for community comment. The two statements were aimed at restricting free speech and limiting community input. In general, the statements said the board will not discuss any of the decisions they have made and does not care to hear what the public has to say. The board knows better than you, simple parents, what is best for your children.

The most hypocritical example of tolerance was exhibited in the banning of the Confederate flag. The administration decided to ban a flag and all the scary things that they think it represents - never mind that others may hold a different view.

I have been on hiring committees and have tried to help the administration make good choices. I have watched the current leadership try to make good decisions, and they have proven incapable. When they make bad decisions, they will not take responsibility or try to correct their mistakes.

The time is right to do what is right. Make this board and superintendent accountable or replace them.

Keith Moore


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