Part of what's wrong with this community


There has been a poor dead dog laying alongside Highway 491, just outside of Cortez, for a couple of weeks now. My wife, who is an animal activist and professional pet sitter, has tried to get the corpse picked up, with no success. No surprise in this day and age; none of our public agencies will step up. Cortez and Montezuma County are supposed to be some kind of tourist destination with Mesa Verde and all of that; I wonder how that plays with corpses laying alongside the road.

I have been a resident here for 12 years now, and constantly read of this angst as to what is wrong with this community, why we can't attract industry and professional services. Look in the mirror: stupidity and opposition to change.

I will go tomorrow morning and pick up this poor dog, take it to my own residence, and give it a proper burial. Shame on you Cortez, Montezuma County and the State of Colorado for sitting on your thumbs.

Chris Barnhouse


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