We know what the maniac wants to use


Any gun based on current military design is an assault weapon: They are solely meant to kill human beings as fast as they can. Yeah, they can kill a prairie dog too, for 60 cents a pop.

The problem is not guns; it is finding those who would use them in a maniacal manner.

It is not in a name "assault weapon." It is why maniacs may be drawn to them.

It is not how many murders in the United States are carried out by the use of these assault weapons. It is the bias towards the use of an assault weapon in the carrying out of mass killings that is the issue.

Look, anyone with a small amount of experience with firearms logically concludes they could use many types of guns to fire the exact amount of rounds in the exact amount of time as with an assault weapon. The question, then, is why do a significant amount of violently deranged individuals use only assault weapons?

We know the military uses them because they are a bit lighter and easy to clean. I imagine this is not a big draw for a nut job on a one-way trip.

Mass shootings between 1982 and 2012 number 142. In those 20 years, 35 of them used assault weapons, and 68, semi-automatic handguns, (frankly I'd include them as they are based on a current military design). Meaning 24 percent or 72 percent of mass killings utilized assault weapons. That is statistically significant either way you cut it.

Any parent with school age children, any well-meaning, peace-loving individual has the gut instinct to ban the damn assault weapons right? Sounds like I'd like to too, right?

Wrong. I'm not into feel good solutions. I want results.

We know what the maniac wants to use. Let's use that knowledge to socially profile the anti-social, failed joiner, with an assault weapon fetish, and allow law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. We can do this together. If we don't, every one of us loses something.

Richard M. Feit


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