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Perhaps it is time to discuss the closing of all overseas bases and embassies due to the fact that we are now hated by so many countries. It is past time to learn that we cannot control others; we can only control ourselves.

Some will ask, "Where do we put all of the troops and employees?" That's an easy one: on the border to secure our country, on our seaports, in our airports and railway stations, on our airplanes and trains, and on our streets to stop the gun/drug trade as well as the murders of innocent Americans.

Where do we house them? Of course at home with their families. The military bases Congress closed in the United States to "save money" can be reopened for the singles.

There is a vital need to stop the gifts of our tax money to other countries. Restructuring of our bridges, roads, pipelines, electric grid, etc., needs our immediate attention, which will also provide many jobs right here in our country. Most importantly, American corporations need to be brought back to our country to provide more jobs.

President Obama inherited the Republicans' two unpaid-for wars and tax breaks for the rich, which created the mess we are in. The House Republicans voted down all legislation President Obama proposed to step up our economy, as well as indicating that they were not going to tolerate an African American in the White House. However, we the people responded to their lack of judgment in two elections by voting President Obama into the White House. It is past time for House Republicans, who are earning $17,500 each per month, to start working for we the people and America.

It is time for common sense to prevail. It is time to vote them out.

Evelyn Stacer


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