Renaming golf course after Stroud is a great idea


Renaming the golf course to honor Bill Stroud is a great idea. The Bill Stroud Memorial or the Bill Stroud Conquistador Golf Course both sound great. Thanks to Paul Glaviano for making the suggestion again in a recent letter.

I am a recent resident to the area, moving here in 1992. One of the first couples I met were Bill and Laura Stroud, introduced to my family by their son Stuart. I quickly learned what Bill meant to this town and the golf course in particular, although others know much more of the history of the course. When asked if I play golf, my response is typically "very badly, best value for the stroke available." However, I did hear from many former out-of-town clients and area residents what a great course it is, especially for a municipal course. Let's show how this little community can get something done without the usual "politics" in such a decision.

I thought the recent election of Bill as Citizen of the Year was very appropriate and feel this designation would "put the topping on the cake" for Bill, although it is too bad he isn't alive to be recognized in person.

Bruce Weber

Retired banker


Via email