Art show winners announced

Winners of the people's choice awards from the art show at the Cortez Cultural Center:

Middle School: Honorable Mention-Justin Purkat and Josiah Tsosie, 3rd place Sierra Schwartz, 2nd place Bri Suckla, 1st place Tayonna Gallegos

High School: Kristin Campbell and Aerin Peterson, 3rd place Emma Youngquist, 2nd place Michelle Kline, 1st place Sydney Malarchick

Congratulations to the Computer Graphic Design students who placed in the Cortez Cultural Center Art Show:

1st Place- Jasmine Lopez- "Aotvo"

2nd Place- Wyatt Wade- "Kiss"

3rd Place -TIE- Emily Harrisy- "Burst" & Jesse Eads- "Fuzzy Skull"

Honorable Mention: Zac Waters- "Art Show Poster"