Engineering company celebrates 20 years

Dave Rightley is celebrating 20 years in business at Exponential Engineering Company. Enlargephoto

Sam Green/Cortez Journal

Dave Rightley is celebrating 20 years in business at Exponential Engineering Company.

The Exponential Engineering Company, located at 202 W. North St. is celebrating 20 years of electrical engineering service to the Four Corners region, the state of Colorado and the majority of the Western United States. Clients of Exponential are located throughout those areas, with the company supporting technical work for all of them.

Dave Rightley is the electrical engineering consultant for the Exponential office in Cortez. He started that location eight years ago.

"Exponential had ongoing work in the Four Corners area and they felt that Cortez was a good area to come into," Rightley said.

The initial startup of the company, which occurred in Fort Collins has seen a substantial growth around the state opening offices in Wheat Ridge and Steamboat Springs, their newest location.

"I think the fact that we have an excellent ongoing relationship with our clients is why we have successfully stayed in business," Rightley said. "And that is evidenced by our repeat business with them."

Rightley went on to say he enjoyed working for the company. It is a challenging and exciting field, just like the jobs they conduct. Exponential deals in power line replacement, protection of electrical power equipment in power plants, generator upgrades and equipment replacement, among other things.

Power lines may seem like a dated facility but new technology has enabled Exponential to provide reliable power to people all over the region. There have been projects for replacement of power lines in Northern N.M. and on the Navajo reservations, and new substations have been built in the Four Corners area. Rightley said some of these jobs were built in challenging locations.

A growing need for equipment protection for power plants from lightning storms, breaker outages or accidents to the power poles are also keeping Exponential occupied.

"We are very busy," he said about the company's endeavors. "We've been hiring additional staff at all offices. We offer internships to electrical engineering college students. We are getting involved in building wind farms, solar plants and landfill gas plants. It's amazing how much work is out there."

The desire for new forms of energy has led Exponential into new realms of business. They have been involved in electrical studies related to workplace safety and helping to provide new information to employers and their employees about the effects of arc flashes that occur during short circuits. Exponential also offers students from Cortez Middle School a chance at mentorships with the company.

"We don't have a business model that says where we need to be at a specific point in time," he explained. "Our office location is simply here to help support clients in the area."